How well can your candidates apply their mechanical engineering knowledge to real-word problems?

Leadership is the backbone of any organisation, and it’s essential to ensure that your leaders are performing to their full potential. Our Leadership Transformation Program is designed to do just that, by identifying and addressing the unique challenges and issues that may be preventing your leaders from working effectively. With our program, your leaders will gain the skills and tools needed to improve their performance and productivity, ultimately driving your business towards achieving its strategic goals.


This assessment asks 24 questions about basic mechanical engineering principles. Candidates have 17 minutes to complete their answers.

If you wish, we can assess one of your existing, successful team members, to provide a selection benchmark and double down on what is enormously important for the job.


Our award-winning service ensures streamlining of assignments, reduces commercial downtime and powers our post placement guarantees, unrivalled in the sector. 

Pre Hire

The key to our approach lies in discovery, a process that unveils the intricate threads of your challenges. Holistic in nature, we explore every facet, asking why vacancies exist, what fuels tomorrow’s people problems, and how each piece of the puzzle fits. Collaboratively, we illuminate the path forward, using our diagnostic consultancy prowess to pinpoint root causes and opportunities.

On Hire

Our highly skilled team becomes an extension of yours, employing a vast service stack tailored to your specific needs. Pioneering your people problems of tomorrow is not just a slogan – it’s our commitment. With an agnostic and client-driven approach, we blend technology and experience to unlock your organisation’s potential.  

Post Hire

Our partnership transcends conventional consulting – we stand by your side, translating insights, data and perspectives into actionable strategies. Together, we design a roadmap that bridges the present and the future, a roadmap where every milestone contributes to a thriving culture, exceptional performance, remarkable talent, enduring retention, and comprehensive training.

Transform your challenges into opportunities. Click here to make contact and schedule an initial discovery call with one of our experts – your journey starts now. 

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