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Recruitment is a funny old sector to be in at the moment. If you’re in the headhunting and exclusive retainer business as Mercury Hampton is, then it’s all about learning how to work remotely and keep up a high standard of service. It’s a challenge, but we’re up to it.

In all honesty, we are just exceptionally grateful to have the opportunity to still be working. So many of our fellow recruiters from less honourable firms than ours have been sent home for good. Those of you out there that use recruiters will have probably noticed this yourself already. Is the person that you dealt with for recruitment for years no longer there? Have you been informed that ‘as a result of the coronavirus we have unfortunately had to close our doors’? How many people have you noticed on LinkedIn saying that they’ve lost their jobs out of the blue? The point that I’m trying to make here is this:

Look closely at your preferred supplier list. How have your recruiters conducted themselves over the past week or two?

I guarantee that there will be quite a few people reading this thinking, ‘less than admirably.’ I’ve put that diplomatically; the actual reaction is probably quite a bit bluer than that.

We ourselves have seen and heard some horror stories over the past week. It’s been sickening to hear of mass redundancies while managing directors wipe their crocodile tears with £50 notes, fees going up, and clients and candidates ditched like yesterday’s newspapers. It’s disgusting, deplorable and any other bad word you can think of beginning with ’D.’

Contingency recruitment has been the worst affected. You would think that with supermarkets, the NHS, warehouses, and logistics firms crying out for more staff, they would be snowed under with applicants. And you’d be right. But the MD’s of numerous contingency recruitment firms have sent most of their workforce packing. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the coronavirus and everything to do with them bleeding the company dry to keep up a lavish lifestyle. As soon as a crisis like this rears its head and the bubble bursts, there’s no money in the reserve pot to see them through. What’s even more infuriating is they are actually conning themselves out of a valuable revenue stream. When a person leaves, the company not only loses a valuable employee, but they will more than likely lose the customers that that person dealt with, too. All because Mr or Mrs. Managing Director had to have the latest Range Rover with heated seats.

Mercury Hampton, thankfully, is not run that way. We have made a point of keeping our people in the loop at every stage of this whole process. We talk to clients and candidates daily, we’ve offered concessions where we can, and we’ve even offered out free services to try and get people back on their feet. More importantly than that, we’ve tried to be completely honest with everyone; that’s our clients, our candidates, and our own Mercury Hampton Eagles. Even if the news we have for people has been grim, we’ve still been honest.

How many other recruiters can say that at this stage?

We have a 100% repeat business record with our clients TWO YEARS RUNNING. That’s unheard of in recruitment, and we are determined to make that 3, 4, 5 years and beyond.

If you have a preferred supplier list but have never worked with us before, all we ask is that you look at how they have treated you, your potential employees, and their own staff. If you don’t agree with how they’ve conducted themselves then try a firm whose core values of Hard Work, Humility, Teamwork, and Well-Being are not just something arty to put on the wall, but things to aspire to. We can go to bed at night and sleep soundly in the knowledge that despite the road being incredibly rocky, no one got screwed over on our account.

We would like to have our faith in humanity restored by working with similarly like-minded people, so get in touch and let’s see what we can achieve together in the face of adversity.

Be safe out there.

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