• Executive Search

    Executive Search requires a strategic approach with persistence and heavy due diligence. We are able to identify talent within competitor companies or target specific industries to ensure we unsurfaced ‘hidden’ leadership. This is the perfect method for ‘confidentially’ attracting strategic professionals and executives into your business.

  • International Recruitment

    Our reach is not limited to the UK. We have recruited throughout all areas of the globe but solely focus on countries whereby English is a first or second language. We have many successful hires throughout the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Singapore, India and the Middle East.

  • Contract Recruitment

    We provide contract and project delivery services throughout the globe; USA, Europe and the Middle East. Working throughout operations, technical, project and high demand environments, within a multitude of industry sectors.

  • Managed Advertised Selection

    The perfect way to get your brand out in the open market! Mercury Hampton will advertise your vacancy via numerous methods using your logo and branding. This will promote your company as the employer of choice whilst Mercury Hampton will also manage the candidate selection process.

  • PSL & Managed Service Contracts

    We partner with clients exclusively to manage their recruitment process via our Mercury Hampton IQ platform. Reducing commercial downtime, improving post hire success and overall cost to hire! We manage PSL campaigns for companies all over the world!

  • Market Analysis & Confidential Research

    We offer confidential research services geared towards giving our clients the competitive edge. This could include competitor team analysis; sector performance and market worth; assistance in the identification of new investment areas.

  • Succession Planning

    We work closely with clients to understand their succession objectives; we find that most key personal are generally long standing employees who are very difficult to replace. We are able to devise a strategy to ensure a smooth and successful succession!

  • Recruitment Process Audit

    Have you ever calculated the true cost of a bad hire i.e. someone who leaves your business during their first year of employment? In most cases, the true cost is roughly 3.5 x their annual salary which, clearly has a negative impact on business. Our unique Bad Hire Calculator uses the latest data* and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!

  • Psychometric testing

    There is strong chance you are using psychometric testing incorrectly; we are qualified assessors! We assess not only the candidate but the position they are going to undertake to ensure a 360 degree match!

  • Mechanical Testing

    We offer comprehensive mechanical testing to ensure your engineering and manufacturing professionals meet the required standard. This is achieve through testing someone in your business and benchmarking against with high accuracy!

  • Video Interviews

    Are you wasting too much time on your selection process ? or are you an international business and spending thousands on flights for interviews? We have the perfect solution at Mercury Hampton. We have an award winning platform whereby we are able to send any candidate in any location a preset video loaded with questions. You simply log in the next day and your video interview is ready!

  • Salary Benchmarking

    Is your salary scheme competitive? Are you losing staff to competitors who are offering more rewarding packages? We are able to extract salary data ‘like for like’ in competitor companies or industry segments of your choice. You will be provided with all the data ensuring you remain competitive at all times.