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The Aerospace & Defence industry is continuously growing and changing. Investment within these areas are ever rising with many countries increasing their spend in land, sea and air capabilities. Here at Mercury Hampton, we supply both contract and permanent solutions into the Defence & Aerospace industry.

Our scope includes a variety disciplines and skillsets which are fundamental within busy Aerospace and Defence businesses. Our core specialisms include the following;

  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Projects
  • Design
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Commercial
  • Leadership

Typically, roles within the Defence industry require additional screening to ensure candidates are eligible to work on MOD sites or with sensitive military material.

Mercury Hampton do not simply rely on candidates to find us; we’re a Headhunting firm and able to attract candidates who are not on the open market – this is key to keeping ahead of the ‘War for Talent’.

For more information about how we can help your business attract the best the industry has to offer, please get in touch.

Defence & Aerospace

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