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The energy sector has always been a key recruitment area for us, but the recruitment requirements in the clean, renewable fuels sector have exploded in popularity over the last ten years. From solar panels to wind farms, biofuels, hydro power, and electric cars, we have located and placed pioneering hires in these often fledgeling start-up businesses and helped them to become the driving forces in the energy sector that they are today.

Mercury Hampton have the expertise supporting Utilities, EPCs, Equipment Manufacturers, Developers, Investment Companies, IPPs and Consultancies. We set the standard for timely, efficient and effective delivery of contingent and contract staff across the following renewable sectors on the global market:

  • Alternative Fuels (Biomass / Energy to Waste / Hydrogen
  • Fuels / Gasification)
  • Battery Storage
  • Geothermal Power
  • Hydropower
  • Solar PV
  • Solar CSP
  • Tidal
  • Wind – Onshore / Offshore

Our worldwide network gives us access to the talent our clients need, plus the high-calibre projects our candidates are looking for. Mercury Hampton do not simply rely on candidates to find us; we’re a Headhunting firm and able to attract candidates who are not on the open market – this is key to keeping ahead of the ‘War for Talent’.

For more information about how we can help your business attract the best the industry has to offer, please get in touch.

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