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Mental Agility Test 

The McQuaig® Mental Agility Test (MMAT) measures an individual’s speed of thought, general mental agility, and several key components of ‘intelligence’ against job requirements. These are critical factors in job performance.   

The test contains 50 questions and must be completed within 15 minutes. It is suitable for most groups and measures factors such as: 

Candidate scores are not an absolute measure of a candidate’s suitability (which must be assessed in context). That said, high performers, such as top executives, researchers and professionals, and some engineering and technical salespeople tend to score highly. 

mental agility


1. A partner, not just a consultancy

We bring you real solutions with highly driven actions, from assessing your existing team, your newest candidate and even yourself, to recruiting top-level talent culturally aligned to your business. Setting you up for success at the start of your hiring process. We provide performance coaching and training to follow through on those long-term business goals. 

2. Data, not a biased opinion

By using our award-winning software, Mercury Hampton IQ, we can guarantee that 96% of hires will still be in post on their one-year anniversary. With 94% still in post after two years.  

3. Experts, not KPI driven

We deliver incredible results because our team is infused with highly qualified, trained but also culturally aligned individuals who go above and beyond. We all appreciate being recognised and treated with respect. The same way we will treat you, your business, and your team. 

Whatever you need to ensure your businesses success, through hiring the right people for the job, we have you covered. It is more important than ever to choose your talent acquisition partner wisely.  


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