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A leadership audit is a comprehensive review of where your leadership is currently at, good and bad. It ascertains what is working well, whether there are any skill gaps, and objectively recommends what could be put in place to improve your leadership hierarchy. The leadership auditing process can be performed at any level of authority, from Team Leader to CEO and everywhere in-between. To learn more about leadership audits, click here.

Hiring Team

Ensuring that your hiring team are all in alignment when deciding on whom to welcome to the company is vital. If your hiring team all have different priorities for what they want from the new hire then it rarely works out, wasting vital time, money, and resources.  With our market-leading assessment tool, everyone on the hiring team takes the same short test prior to the interviewing stage. The candidates then take the same test, and all the results are analysed and compared. By comparing data between what the candidates and the board/hiring team wants, synchronicity and longevity in the job are all but guaranteed and bad hires become a thing of the past. Click here to book in some time with one of our hiring team alignment experts to learn more.  


Lots of companies use psychometric assessment, but the way in which we use psychometric testing and assessment means that we have achieved a post-hire retention record of 96%. Candidates answer a series of questions that ultimately determine their unique default behavioural setting. The data is then analysed to see which candidates are best aligned to your company values. If you don’t want to use Mercury Hampton IQ, then this psychometric assessment tool is also available to use as a singular product. Want more details on this? Click here.


Aptitude testing is designed to test the knowledge and skills of the person taking them, including numerical, problem-solving, and prioritisation capabilities. They can be used in a multitude of different sectors too, including technical, construction, and engineering. Oftentimes, technical vacancies require varying levels of skill, and the aptitude test takes just fifteen minutes to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the position they are applying for, saving countless hours of interviewing time. Sound useful? Speak to our aptitude testing expert for a more detailed explanation.


Restructuring a business, corporate or SME, can be a traumatic time for all involved. Regardless of whether the restructure is down to incumbent leaders, the old guard passing the torch onto the new, or financial restraints forcing the changes, the transition period can be tumultuous at best. That’s why we offer a professional mentor with years of experience, a provable history of previous positive outcomes, and cutting-edge technology at their disposal to guide you through. They will ensure that the process runs smoothly, that communication is key, and the business is just as healthy, if not healthier, at the end. Want to ask our restructuring expert more? Click here to book in some time with them.


When it comes to hiring for mechanical vacancies, we know that there are as many mechanical variants as there are people to apply for the job! While an applicant may look perfect on paper thanks to their academic achievements, the vacancy may call for someone with more hands-on experience, and vice versa. Our mechanical test can determine the candidates range of skills, knowledge, and suitability for the vacancy. This saves huge amounts of wasted time, energy, and resources on interviewing and hiring the wrong person. Click here for a demonstration of the mechanical test.


It makes perfect sense to plan for the future – especially when that involves succession planning for the new leader(s) of a company. As leaders leave, retire, or pass away, it can be a time of great uncertainty, as getting the hire wrong could prove disastrous for the company. It’s imperative that the business identifies new leaders that can continue to drive the company’s prosperity and push them forward while not rocking the boat so much that company is in a state of upheaval.

That’s why we have a program in place to aid with the succession planning process. From impartial advice to psychometric analysis and aptitude testing, Mercury Hampton offers mentoring professional leadership to ensure that your succession plan of your senior leadership team. Get in touch for further details on succession planning.

Bad Hire

Bad hires can cause untold disruption to the workplace. Firstly, there’s the time taken to interview them. Then there’s the time lost to training them in their new job. That’s not to mention the hassle of them leaving (often under a dark cloud), then having to find a replacement. It’s an unending vicious cycle.

And that’s before you even start counting the fiscal costs which often run into tens of thousands.

But don’t worry, help is at hand. Our Bad Hire Calculator uses the latest Oxford Economics and Society for Human Resource Management metrics* to accurately determine how much bad hires are actually costing your business. Just click here, enter a few details and you’ll get a detailed five-page report so that you can assess your recruitment strategy. And the best part? It’s FREE to use.


You have a business plan, right? Does that plan include a recruitment roadmap? The answer to that question most of the time is an emphatic ‘no.’ You might not have considered this before, but your workers and colleagues are the lifeblood of your business, so talent mapping should be a priority instead of an afterthought. Recruit the wrong people and your company will suffer the consequences. We can help you to devise a recruitment template so that your goals are clear and structured, and you hire a better quality of candidate as a result. Curious? Book a slot with us to discuss further.


When you are looking at hiring a new recruit, in-depth market research on your competitors, your potential candidates, market trends and salary guides may be needed. Lots of recruitment firms leave this to you to figure out, but at Mercury Hampton we do the due diligence for you. We conduct this market research on your behalf so that we are more informed when searching for candidates for you. After all, you can never have too much information when it comes to deciding on a new colleague. Please send us a message below for more information.

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