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Is your leadership team ready to adapt to whatever changes that may come the businesses’ way?

Board and C Suite level appointments tend to be the most critical hires that your business makes. After all, they will be making the major decisions that shapes your company’s future direction.

But all too often, companies underestimate the time that it takes to find and replace someone of this stature. Sometimes the company just don’t know what they’re looking for; other times the window of opportunity is too narrow to make the change. People of this calibre need to be headhunted and, more often than not, it can take up to six months to find the person or persons that are going to spearhead your company’s continued success.

If your vision and strategy isn’t under control by the right people, then the business will arrive at the wrong destination.

That’s why all of our Board appointments are managed via Mercury Hampton IQ.

  • CEO
  • Managing Director
  • Technical Director
  • Production Director
  • COO
  • Sales Director
  • HR Director
  • Manufacturing Director
  • CFO
  • Operations Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Service Director
  • CSO
  • Engineering Director
  • Project Director
  • General Manager

Mercury Hampton IQ is our award-winning cloud-based recruitment tool, which bolsters the traditional CV. This involves a detailed company assessment to identify the current state of the company, followed by a bespoke plan of action. In its simplest form, this is a detailed, targeted headhunting approach to identify a talent pool worthy of this position.

This is achieved via proactive headhunting, advertised selection, database searches, psychometric profiling, video assessment, competency questioning, and behavioural reporting. The platform is available 24/7/365 anywhere in the world, everyone on your hiring team will have access to it and has five language options. You can even tailor it to your company livery.

This search and selection process is easily replicated for any industry, sector, and country, and we have headhunted and placed thousands of outstanding candidates in countries all over the globe.

Mercury Hampton IQ has been so successful, in fact, that we can confidently offer up to 12-months guarantee – if someone we recommend doesn’t make it to their first-year anniversary, we’ll find a replacement for FREE.

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