John Caudwell, a UK billionaire says - he is lucky, he will only get recruitment wrong 70% of the time. How much are you getting wrong?

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According to recent statistics, 74% of businesses under perform with their recruitment strategies.

With recruitment costs soaring higher than ever, with the average recruitment fee in the UK currently £7,600.00 and in the United States $11,200. This is just the cost of the recruitment fee, not the overall hiring cost, therefore getting this right is now business critical.

Many businesses simply do not have a recruitment strategy to follow, this has repercussions when they get it wrong. Some businesses do not even know where to start with their recruitment and others do not know what good and bad practice looks like.


This is a 1-2-1 support programme that educate you on what a recruitment strategy could and should look like in the modern era. We can offer you a programme that supplies you with all the knowledge and expertise needed so that you can successfully execute an effective recruitment strategy for your business.

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Approximately 25% of people recruited into a business fail to become an impactful hire within the first 12 months of their employment, with the risks increasing to 40% during the first 18 months of employment. These are referred to as ‘bad hires’ and are costing businesses an average of the £103,000 per person.

Ineffective recruitment not only costs businesses time and money but it also comes with indirect repercussions that effect team productivity, business reputation, wasted management time and indirect staff turnover. It is clear to see that it has now become business critical to streamline your recruitment process.


Mercury Hampton will supply you with a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

We complete a full audit of your existing process followed by a detailed action plan. We look at your current state, understand your desired state and provide you with the short, medium and long-term strategic objectives to achieve your desired goal.

On completion of our audit and advisory report; you will have a clear Roadmap to follow which will provide you with all the knowledge you need to save you time, save you money and provide you with the confidence to continually replicate your recruitment process effortlessly.


Our award-winning service ensures streamlining of assignments, reduces commercial downtime and powers our post placement guarantees, unrivalled in the sector. 

Pre Hire

The key to our approach lies in discovery, a process that unveils the intricate threads of your challenges. Holistic in nature, we explore every facet, asking why vacancies exist, what fuels tomorrow’s people problems, and how each piece of the puzzle fits. Collaboratively, we illuminate the path forward, using our diagnostic consultancy prowess to pinpoint root causes and opportunities.

On Hire

Our highly skilled team becomes an extension of yours, employing a vast service stack tailored to your specific needs. Pioneering your people problems of tomorrow is not just a slogan – it’s our commitment. With an agnostic and client-driven approach, we blend technology and experience to unlock your organisation’s potential.  

Post Hire

Our partnership transcends conventional consulting – we stand by your side, translating insights, data and perspectives into actionable strategies. Together, we design a roadmap that bridges the present and the future, a roadmap where every milestone contributes to a thriving culture, exceptional performance, remarkable talent, enduring retention, and comprehensive training.

Transform your challenges into opportunities. Click here to make contact and schedule an initial discovery call with one of our experts – your journey starts now. 

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