Are you looking to realign your business to capitalise on growth opportunities or economic shifts? If so, then you need a restructuring plan that compliments your strategic objectives.

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Adaptability is a crucial attribute for companies if they wish to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain world. Failure to plan means you arrive at an undesirable destination.

You are being faced with new financial realities, demand and supply fluctuations, new market trends, performance issues and fierce competition.

Or equally, you could be considering a merger / acquisition, entry into new markets, rapid expansion, or an entirely new direction for your business.

Whatever the case, we have deep experience of helping organisations and their leaders arrive at the right restructuring plan.


We offer restructuring advisory services that can assist in creating well-thought out measures that combat significant changes in the market by analysing your financial, commercial and operational structures. Then supporting you with real time market findings to support any decision making.

In doing so, long and short-term goals can be clearly identified and with creative, strategic, and calculated steps, a company is able to retain, sustain and thrive in a difficult and complex sector.

Having a strategic restructuring plan enables us to effectively explore the desired outcome and options available. This is especially true for organisational partnerships, including mergers, asset transfers, joint ventures, administrative or back-office consolidations, etc.

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Our aim is to help our clients on a personal and corporate level within their organisations to navigate uncertainty and capitalise on potential growth opportunities.

We have no preconceptions and will act as a sounding board, exploring your issues and providing solutions that draw on many years’ restructurings experience.

With our advice you can identify how best to proceed, in a way that offers the best outcome for your business, your customers and your workforce.

Not all our work is companywide. Often it will concern a specific department, team or

region, but we always seek to view any proposal in the light of your overall business.

We utilise a wide variety of assessment, recruitment, and performance strategies to identify your high performing leaders and identify where skill gaps should be filled.  

Where necessary we can execute search and selection campaigns.


We have worked with many organisations, including private equity, privately owned and Blue-Chip organisations, in the UK and internationally.

A project might involve; operational restructuring; turnaround restructuring; sales restructuring; repositioning restructuring; mergers & acquisitions. 

Here are some examples of recent assignments:

Whatever the challenge; we have industry experts on hand to advise and guide you throughout the process ensuring that your strategic objectives are achieved with precision.


With over 100 years supporting a wide variety of businesses in over 14 different countries; we have a proven record of accomplishment and supported some of the most complex restructures possible. These range from new country entry, leadership, and the creation of entirely new commercial teams; we have done it all.

Let’s discuss how we can become a value-added partner to your organisation.

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