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‘Scaling Performance’ experts; Mercury Hampton bridges the performance gap between talent growth and company growth, creating a foundation to scale with consistency.


Your Consultancy Partner of Choice, Enhancing Culture, People & Performance

Mercury Hampton combine self-developed, next generation technology, expert market insight, supported by human-expertise to provide pre-hire, on-hire, and post-hire solutions, globally.


Pioneering Innovation, Solving Your People Problems Of Tomorrow

We work in partnership with our clients to create meaningful and value-add solutions that address whatever the requirements may be, culture, performance, talent, retention, training. Using a holistic methodology, we provide solutions based upon the clients’ needs.

Mercury Hampton IQ

Elevate Today,
Navigate Tomorrow.

MHIQ empowers clients, candidates, and partners globally. Our award-winning platform ensures streamlining of assignments, reduces commercial downtime and powers our post placement guarantees, unrivalled in our sector.

Mercury Hampton IQ


Transforming Visions into Reality, Together.

At the forefront of change and innovation, we’re your dedicated partner in transforming the way you approach your organisation’s challenges. Navigating the complex landscape of attraction, acquisition, culture, retention, development, and enablement, we are your compass to creating high-performing teams within today’s competitive environment.


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Mercury Hampton IQ is a unique online platform that supports recruitment and selection campaigns end-to-end, from reviewing applications to coordinating your decision-making process.

Advanced psychometric testing, video assessment, competency questioning, and behavioural reporting tools are built in, so you can make critical hires with extreme confidence.

Whether you are engaging us to headhunt, run advertised selection or conduct database searches, IQ gives us and you an unbeatable edge.

What is the true cost of a bad hire?

Have you ever calculated the true cost of a bad hire i.e. someone who leaves your business during their first year of employment? In most cases, the true cost is roughly 3.5 x their annual salary which, clearly has a negative impact on business. The Mercury Hampton Bad Hire Calculator™ uses the latest data* and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!

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Typical Assignments Delivered

At Mercury Hampton we specialise in the STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering -Maths) sectors exclusively across the Globe. Each specialist team focuses on core areas including Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology, and Global Sales. Our Executive Search team partners with C suite stakeholders across all sectors and work closely with Private Equity and Venture Capital to provide best of breed solutions to secure key individuals, whatever the dynamics of the search may be. 


Our award-winning service ensures streamlining of assignments, reduces commercial downtime and powers our post placement guarantees, unrivalled in the sector. 

Pre Hire

The key to our approach lies in discovery, a process that unveils the intricate threads of your challenges. Holistic in nature, we explore every facet, asking why vacancies exist, what fuels tomorrow’s people problems, and how each piece of the puzzle fits. Collaboratively, we illuminate the path forward, using our diagnostic consultancy prowess to pinpoint root causes and opportunities.

On Hire

Our highly skilled team becomes an extension of yours, employing a vast service stack tailored to your specific needs. Pioneering your people problems of tomorrow is not just a slogan – it’s our commitment. With an agnostic and client-driven approach, we blend technology and experience to unlock your organisation’s potential.  

Post Hire

Our partnership transcends conventional consulting – we stand by your side, translating insights, data and perspectives into actionable strategies. Together, we design a roadmap that bridges the present and the future, a roadmap where every milestone contributes to a thriving culture, exceptional performance, remarkable talent, enduring retention, and comprehensive training.

Transform your challenges into opportunities. Click here to make contact and schedule an initial discovery call with one of our experts – your journey starts now. 



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