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Our bespoke one or two-day leadership development programme is a focused exploration into your team's current dynamics and their growth potential

We begin by assessing individual leadership styles and how they align with the team's and organisation's objectives. This sets the foundation for understanding the unique contributions and areas for development within your team. Transitioning to the future state, we collaboratively define clear, attainable goals for the team. This involves identifying what success looks like and the necessary steps to achieve it. Central to this phase is the development of targeted strategies that enhance individual leadership capabilities while ensuring these skills synergise effectively within the team context.

Throughout the programme, we emphasise the importance of personal growth in tandem with team performance. Our approach, deeply rooted in the concept of Leading with Purpose, extends beyond traditional skill enhancement. It is about empowering leaders to foster a sense of unity and direction within their teams. Participants will leave with a comprehensive roadmap, tailored to bridge the gap from where they currently are to where they aspire to be. This roadmap will include actionable strategies designed to drive transformative success and cultivate a dynamic, cohesive team, all aligned with the overarching goals of the organisation.

Solution Timeline

1. Initial Phase: Understanding Challenges and Opportunities

OneHour Individual Discussions: The programme begins with a OneHour discussion with each member of the leadership community. This initial conversation is crucial as it serves to gather insights into the perceived challenges and opportunities within the team. Purpose of Discussions: These discussions aim to understand each leader's perspective, helping to identify common themes, individual concerns, and potential areas for team development.

2. structuring the programme

Basis for Day's Structure: The insights gathered from the initial discussions form the foundation for structuring the programme. This ensures that the content and activities on the day (or days) of the programme are tailored to address the key developmental areas identified. Applicability for One or Two-Day Programme: This approach of initial engagement and customisation is integral to both the one and Two Day versions of the programme.

3. Two-Day Programme Specifics

McQuaig 360 Leadership Team Survey: For the Two-Day programme, we incorporate the McQuaig 360 Leadership Team Survey. This tool provides an in-depth analysis of the team’s dynamics, strengths, and areas needing attention. Timeframe Between Sessions: We ensure a minimum and maximum period of three weeks between the two programme days. This interval is essential for reflecting on learnings, implementing initial strategies, and gathering further insights. Flexible Scheduling: The two days of the programme can be run either consecutively or separately, based on the team's requirements and availability. This flexibility allows for a more tailored approach that suits the team's rhythm and needs.


By starting with individual discussions and using these insights to shape the programme, we ensure that the leadership development activities are directly relevant and impactful.

The inclusion of tools like the McQuaig 360 Survey in the TwoDay programme further enriches the understanding of the team’s dynamics, making the intervention more effective and transformative. Whether conducted over one or two days, the programme is dynamically structured to meet the unique needs of your leadership team, paving the way for meaningful development and positive change.

Performance director

Ryan's strength is rooted in cultivating high-performance leadership team cultures, vital for empowering board- level and senior teams to achieve unity, cohesion, and a clear direction. These efforts not only foster individual growth but also drive organisations toward unparalleled sucess.

Throughout his journey, Ryan has collaborated internationally with a diverse range of prominent World-Class Business Solutions Ryan Pritchard Performance Director global organisations, including Castle Lake, Coca-Cola, IHG, Barclays, Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard, Kinnerton, Verder, Hydreco, BlueBear, Waterland, Henley Business School, Abbvie, Irish Distillers, Thames Water, AES Seals, Novae, TrioWorld and EuroStar.

With these clients, he's adeptly engaged in culturally sensitive environments, managing teams at different life cycle stages, from those adapting to new terrains to emerging teams, and ones aiming for a resurgence.

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