What Next?

Take the Next Natural Step in Your Leadership Journey with the Excellerate Coaching programme

For those truly motivated to make lasting change and elevate their
leadership to new heights, our Excellerate Coaching programme is
the perfect next step. Building on the insights gained from our 2-hour
complimentary session on Leading with Purpose, Excellerate is
designed to be the catalyst for profound transformation.

High Level Overview

Mercury Hampton's Excellerate Coaching programme is our premier solution to unlocking the full potential of your senior managers and highpotential leaders, all within one financial quarter. With Leading with Purpose at the core of our ethos, we believe that true leadership is about aligning one's personal drive with the company's strategic direction.

Excellerate is more than just a coaching programme; it's a transformational experience that pinpoints and breaks through the barriers hindering peak performance. Over three months, through focused biweekly sessions, we cultivate the strategic leadership qualities essential for today's dynamic business environment. Each session is an intensive dive into enhancing decision-making skills, amplifying personal and business performance, and deepening the understanding of organisational dynamics.

Customised Coaching

Tailored to each leader's and the organisation's specific needs, ensuring relevant and impactful development.

Structured Progress

Bi-weekly, 2-hour sessions are strategically placed to create consistent growth and facilitate learning without overwhelming schedules.

Collaborative Framework

Developed with input from the participant, their manager, HR, and our lead consultants, fostering a team approach to leadership development.

Organisational Alignment

Directly links the leader's growth to the company’s vision and leadership goals for cohesive progress.

Purpose driven focus

Centres on instilling purposeful leadership, aligning leaders' actions with a clear and impactful mission.

Rapid Development Cycle

Designed to deliver significant enhancements in performance and decision-making within one financial quarter.

Strategic and Innovative Skills

Cultivates advanced decision-making and innovative thinking, key traits for strategic leadership.

Accountability and Reflection

Concludes with a reflective presentation, encouraging accountability and cementing the commitment to ongoing growth.

Tangible Outcomes

Produces visible improvements in leadership effectiveness, contributing to organisational success and individual fulfilment quickly and measurably.

Performance director

Ryan's strength is rooted in cultivating high-performance leadership team cultures, vital for empowering board- level and senior teams to achieve unity, cohesion, and a clear direction. These efforts not only foster individual growth but also drive organisations toward unparalleled sucess.

Throughout his journey, Ryan has collaborated internationally with a diverse range of prominent World-Class Business Solutions Ryan Pritchard Performance Director global organisations, including Castle Lake, Coca-Cola, IHG, Barclays, Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard, Kinnerton, Verder, Hydreco, BlueBear, Waterland, Henley Business School, Abbvie, Irish Distillers, Thames Water, AES Seals, Novae, TrioWorld and EuroStar.

With these clients, he's adeptly engaged in culturally sensitive environments, managing teams at different life cycle stages, from those adapting to new terrains to emerging teams, and ones aiming for a resurgence.

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