The 1:1 Elevate Coaching Programme offers a comprehensive ninemonth leadership development journey for senior managers and high potential individuals. Building on the foundation laid by the Excellerate Coaching Programme, it further refines and embeds key behavioural changes. It is also designed for those seeking a structured and in depth approach to enhance their leadership skills.


It's Time to Elevate

Centered on developing a leadership mindset and 'Role Model' qualities, this programme equips leaders to effectively motivate and lead their teams. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensures that participants can integrate leadership principles into their daily professional lives for a sustained impact. Tailored for top performing talent and those expanding their leadership scope, the goal is to unlock the 'Role Model' Leader within, driving enhanced performance and recognition in leadership excellence. Each participant receives a personalised plan, cocreated with input from their manager, HR, and our lead coach, reflecting the company's vision and leadership ideals.

Elevate Roadmap

Comprehensive Duration and Depth

A nine month intensive programme for an indepth exploration of leadership skills and ample time for practical application.

Suitable for Advanced Learners

A nine month intensive programme for an indepth exploration of leadership skills and ample time for practical application.

Personalised Development Plan

Tailored content and objectives, co-created with input from the participant, their manager, HR, and the programme's lead coach.

Holistic Leadership Approach

Integrates theoretical frameworks with practical applications, encouraging real-world implementation of leadership principles.

Focus on Leadership Evolution

Dedicated to developing a leadership mindset and 'Role Model' qualities, equipping leaders to inspire and guide effectively.

Enduring Leadership Transformation

Ensures sustainable change in leadership behaviour and skills, with long-lasting impacts beyond the programme.

Relevance to Individual and Organisational Goals

Customised learning aligned with each leader’s role, the company’s culture, and industry demands.

Cultivation of Exemplary Leaders

Develops 'Role Model' leaders who set high standards in performance and behaviour, enhancing the overall leadership environment.

Actionable Learning Outcomes

Each session ends with clear action steps, ensuring immediate application and continuous advancement towards leadership excellence.

Performance director

Ryan's strength is rooted in cultivating high-performance leadership team cultures, vital for empowering board- level and senior teams to achieve unity, cohesion, and a clear direction. These efforts not only foster individual growth but also drive organisations toward unparalleled sucess.

Throughout his journey, Ryan has collaborated internationally with a diverse range of prominent World-Class Business Solutions Ryan Pritchard Performance Director global organisations, including Castle Lake, Coca-Cola, IHG, Barclays, Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard, Kinnerton, Verder, Hydreco, BlueBear, Waterland, Henley Business School, Abbvie, Irish Distillers, Thames Water, AES Seals, Novae, TrioWorld and EuroStar.

With these clients, he's adeptly engaged in culturally sensitive environments, managing teams at different life cycle stages, from those adapting to new terrains to emerging teams, and ones aiming for a resurgence.

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