High Performing Leadership Team Programme

Our Elevate Coaching Programme is precisely designed for this purpose.

Over 9 months, we offer a comprehensive development journey, focusing on personal and professional growth. Imagine this: your team goes through nine 2-hour targeted coaching sessions, each followed by an insightful report. We start by understanding each leader's strengths and areas for improvement and crafting a personalised development plan. Midway through, we assess progress and fine tune our approach, ensuring that every session is maximally beneficial.

What's more, the programme culminates with a presentation, showcasing each leader's growth journey. This isn’t just coaching; it's a transformative experience for your leaders, aligning with your organisation’s goals and driving impactful results.

Performance director

Ryan's strength is rooted in cultivating high-performance leadership team cultures, vital for empowering board- level and senior teams to achieve unity, cohesion, and a clear direction. These efforts not only foster individual growth but also drive organisations toward unparalleled sucess.

Throughout his journey, Ryan has collaborated internationally with a diverse range of prominent World-Class Business Solutions Ryan Pritchard Performance Director global organisations, including Castle Lake, Coca-Cola, IHG, Barclays, Absolut Vodka, Pernod Ricard, Kinnerton, Verder, Hydreco, BlueBear, Waterland, Henley Business School, Abbvie, Irish Distillers, Thames Water, AES Seals, Novae, TrioWorld and EuroStar.

With these clients, he's adeptly engaged in culturally sensitive environments, managing teams at different life cycle stages, from those adapting to new terrains to emerging teams, and ones aiming for a resurgence.

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