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Unleash the Power of Advanced Recruitment Technology. Revolutionising Talent Placement for the Modern Era

Intelligence Meets Recruitment

Mercury Hampton IQ is our groundbreaking recruitment tool that has achieved an astounding 96% post-hire retention rate.

Welcome to a new era of talent assessment and recruitment. Executive search methodologies have remained stagnant for over 30 years, leaving organisations struggling to find the right leaders in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape. But fear not, because Mercury Hampton IQ is here to change the game.

Why Choose Mercury Hampton IQ?

We believe that traditional hiring processes, relying solely on resumes and brief interviews, fall short of providing employers with the necessary insights to make informed decisions. That’s why we’ve developed Mercury Hampton IQ, an award-winning online assessment and delivery platform that goes beyond the limitations of traditional methods.

Raising Assessment Standards with Mercury Hampton IQ

Mercury Hampton IQ is much more than just a CV. It’s a revolution in recruitment that enables organisations to make objective, well-informed decisions and offers candidates the opportunity to showcase their skills, personality, and abilities. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

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Addressing Your Recruitment Challenges with Mercury Hampton IQ

We understand the challenges you face in finding the right talent in today's economic climate. With Mercury Hampton IQ, we provide an unrivalled methodology that puts intelligence at the forefront of your business' recruitment strategy.

Unleashing the Power of Data-driven Assessments

Mercury Hampton IQ raises assessment standards through its powerful features:

  1. Behavioural Testing: Analyse candidates’ temperaments, reactions to pressure, leadership abilities, and sales cycles with reports from the highly regarded McQuaig® Institute.
  2. Job Fit Analysis: Compare candidates’ psychometrics with those of successful individuals already in similar roles to ensure compatibility and happiness in the job.
  3. Key Competency Questions: Assess candidates’ knowledge and thoughtfulness by asking them specific questions related to the job, enabling direct comparisons and valuable follow-up discussions.
  4. Candidate Benchmark Analysis: Compare candidates’ key skills and salary expectations, providing a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis for clients.

Smarter Hiring Starts Here

Mercury Hampton IQ empowers organisations to make smarter hiring decisions, consult with leadership teams, and choose from a pool of candidates who are the perfect fit for your needs and business future.

Join the ranks of successful organisations worldwide that trust Mercury Hampton to deliver exceptional results and meet their talent needs swiftly. Discover how our innovative recruitment solutions can transform your organisation’s performance and bottom line.

Don’t settle for average talent—embrace greatness with Mercury Hampton IQ.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re looking for a personalised search service that delivers top-quality candidates tailored to your specific requirements, Mercury Hampton is here to help. Contact us now to learn more about our innovative recruitment solutions and give your company a unique competitive advantage.

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