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Cultural assessments are utilised to discover the behaviours and values that define a company and its environment. Successful completion of these assessments enables a company to objectively view deep rooted behaviours and patterns relating to their existing culture; this is vital information for a leadership team that is looking to change or improve the culture within the business.

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The results of a cultural assessment can be used companywide or specifically within select teams, functions, regions, or different international locations. Ultimately, providing the business with an opportunity to fully understand their current cultural state, which will enable them to take control of their situation and prepare an action plan that leads them to their best desired cultural state.


Change has a strange effect on people and when a company or business undergoes substantial changes, or plans to, it can cause a huge amount of turmoil in adapting your employees and team to those changes.

Culture influences performance at every level of a company. If you are experiencing a large number of employee resignations or teams performing lower than the usual standards, chances are, you would benefit from performing a cultural assessment.

A cultural assessment investigates, and identifies the existing culture of your company. It gives you a clear picture of what needs changing and what you are doing right from a cultural perceptive. They are used to determine human behaviours of your teams and what is governing performance.


Depending on your company values, missions, and visions, you can require clarification on what the culture of your business may be, right now. There are four of types of cultures a corporation may have:

Clan Culture

Focused on morale, these businesses are usually highly collaborative and focused on teamwork rather than hierarchy. Communication is usually open and effective, and employees are highly likely to be engaged in performance, meaning there is a good possibility for growth in the market.

Adhocracy Culture

These businesses are known to be huge risk-takers and highly innovative. Experimentation and entrepreneurially driven, these companies have an advantage in potential breakthroughs and exponential growth. Usually, employees feel free to express current ideas and contribute to high-risk high-reward ideas.

Market Culture

The primary focus in businesses with this culture is profitability and results. Goals and targets are highly likely to be the status quo of the business and often, KPI’s will influence the expectations of performance. This type of culture usually attracts particularly competitive, pressure-absorbing and extremely hard-working individuals.

Hierarchy Culture

Known to be the traditionalists of corporate culture, with a clear chain of order and instruction these companies can be very predictable. The downsides can sometimes include; a typical dress code or unbending work hours. A flow of communication is communicated through levels of management and the objectives are clearly defined, leaving minimal space for indivduality.

For more information on understanding your culture, have a look at this article from BuiltIn.

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Understanding your culture will turbocharge your recruitment and selection performance. You will attract people who identify with your company’s beliefs and values; people who will be far more likely to stay and perform to the expected standard. Although we have given you the 4 types of cultures above, we still believe that every business has its own unique culture; each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Discovering this is an immensely powerful tool in carving out your roadmap to future success and truly places the control back in your hands.


Mercury Hampton have successfully deployed a wide variety of assessment, recruitment and performance strategies throughout many businesses spanning across 14 different countries. We have supported private equity firms, privately owned and large blue chips; primarily throughout Manufacturing & Engineering, Technology & Digital Transformation, and Infrastructure & Built Environment sectors.

Our Cultural Assessments provide an objective snapshot of your current state. We will survey your people to shine a light on the positives and negatives of working for you, and then provide you with data-driven reports, stats, and tailored business solutions to help you improve your culture. We can at this point, offer you performance coaching on all levels of your organisation.


Culture is of the utmost importance to us. We live, breathe, respect, and protect our culture. We know that being there for our employees means that they will be there for our clients and candidates too.

Our cultural core values are:

These values are upheld by our highly qualified and culturally aligned, handpicked team. In return, we have grown exponentially over the past few years, making Mercury Hampton a perfect example of well-thought-out cultural standards and how we can place our success in the hands of those who are aligned with it. Making our cultural assessment competent and knowledgeable.


Usually, we would survey a representative sample of your employees, but if you would like to see how the process works, please download, and complete the questionnaire.

We will use what you send us to create a report and action plan constructed specifically to you and your business.

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