Chris Hickey Leads Newton-le-Willows Multi-Million-Pound Investment

At Mercury Hampton, we’re pleased to share that our Managing Director and Co-Founder, Chris Hickey, has been appointed as the Chair of the Newton-le-Willows Town Board, with the town starting a £19.5 million investment plan to revitalise the community over the next 10–15 years. This appointment is an exciting step for the area, as Chris plans to utilise his strong business know-how and channel his desire to develop his local community to enable Newton-le-Willows to experience significant, positive change.

Councillor Kate Groucutt with the co-founders of STEM consultancy specialists Mercury Hampton, Jonathan Sallis (centre) and Chris Hickey (right). Source: St Helens Star.

Leading the Way in Newton-le-Willows Evolution

In an announcement post on LinkedIn, Chris expressed his enthusiasm in leading and supporting Newton-le-Willows’ development:

“I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been appointed as Chair of Newton-le-Willows Town Board to oversee the £19.5 million investment plan to revitalise the town over the next 10–15 years. As Chair, I will assist in guiding the implementation of projects aimed at transforming Newton-le-Willows, including:

● Town centre upgrades

● Improved connectivity

● Enhanced community facilities

● Business and economic growth

I was born and raised in this town, born into a working-class family and starting life on a council estate. I have experienced what it’s like to struggle, and have used these hardships to develop my values, drive and mindset. I now want to help in the best way I know how, using my experiences and strong business knowledge to lead and support this ambitious long-term plan to revitalise Newton-le-Willows.”

Government Assistance for the Growth of Newton-le-Willows

Tower of St Peter's Church, Newton-le-Willows

Tower of St Peter’s Church, Newton-le-Willows (Image: Photo by Andrew Teebay). Source: Liverpool Echo.

The cabinet of St Helen’s Council approved Newton-le-Willows’ designation as a “long-term plan for towns” by the government. A total of £250,000 in grant cash has been made available by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities to assist with the establishment of a town board and the long-term planning process. This financing is a component of a larger plan to guarantee that major expenditures on public services, corporate development, and infrastructure benefit nearby communities.

Councillor Anthony Burns, Leader of St Helens Borough Council, said: “We’re delighted to have someone of Chris’ standing take up the role of our first chair of the Newton-le-Willows Town Board. This fund is the latest in a line of successful funding bids we have made to Government, having already secured the likes of Town Deal and Levelling Up funding to support our wider transformation plans for the borough. We look forward to working together with the board and the residents of the area on building a brighter future.”

Councillor Richard McCauley, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth and Regeneration, added: “With the creation of the board now moving forward our focus will be on working on a 10-year vision for the area and with that a three-year investment plan looking at how the £20 million could be invested in Newton-le-Willows, which we will submit to Government later this year. Chris will initially lead the board as it goes through its process of set up, drawing on the expertise of key partners across the area, focusing on how we can make the most of the opportunities that a fund like this could have for Newton-le-Willows. This funding is thanks to the hard work of St Helens North MP Conor McGinn and local councillors in making the case for the area.”

Chris Hickey appointed as chair for Newton-le-Willows Town Board

Chris Hickey appointed as chair for Newton-le-Willows Town Board. Source: St Helens Borough Council.

Our Support

Chris’ passion for community improvement, alongside his extensive background in STEM business, recruitment, and consultancy, will play a pivotal role in propelling and implementing the multi-million-pound investment plan.

Newton-le-Willows is the home of Mercury Hampton’s head office, and we believe the potential for this town and the surrounding area is limitless. It’s a hub for business and talent, and the community has a strong, down-to-earth quality which allows people to thrive with humility. We anticipate that Newton-le-Willows will continue to progress and improve under Chris’ assertive yet considerate leadership.

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