The average cost of a mishire is 300% of their annual salary. Do not miss the best for the job with Psychometric Testing.

Culturally aligned candidates are just as important as qualified and experienced candidates, and we put only the best-suited candidates forward, confidently backed by data-driven reports and highly focused assessments and testing. Making sure you can retain 96% of new hires for at least the first year of employment.


CVs are not and have never been reliable enough to hire a person on the spot. If they have succeeded in impressing us and make it to the interview stage, it is only natural to make your own judgements as soon as they step through the door. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot. 

Psychometric testing takes the guessing game out of the biased opinions we develop upon reading and meeting candidates for the first time. It provides a solid foundation and platform for testing the personality and behavioural traits of any given person and allows us to make a data-driven decision on whether a candidate fits not only the role, but the culture of your company too.  

This also eliminates candidates who have a high chance of leaving the position and company before their first-year anniversary, despite their level of education and qualification.  

To find out exactly how much your mis hires are costing you, try out our completely free tool – the staff attrition cost calculator. You will be amazed at the loss.  

psychometric testing



John Caudwell, the UK billionaire says that if he is lucky, he will only get recruitment wrong 70% of the time. This statement rings true for every company in the world, especially if they have failed to choose the right recruitment partner.   

Using psychometric testing in your recruitment process helps to ensure you recruit the right people, in the right positions, who adhere to your business practices, values and beliefs.  

Why? Because you have employees who will WANT to go above and beyond, as they resonate with the culture of the business and begin creating a home within your company.  

Uncertain of your company’s culture? We offer an assessment tool that allows us to investigate and identify your businesses culture, as well as your best practices, and provide you with a solution that will have your team performing at the highest level and standard.

psychometric testing


Psychometric testing offers you a powerful selection tool – provided it is used in the right way.

Unusually for the profession, we assess all candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process to provide you with objective data before subjective impressions kick in. This means you will only spend time interviewing people who are aligned to your company culture and exhibit the personality traits that you require. 

Using psychometric assessments (as part of Mercury Hampton IQ process), we’re able to deliver 96% new hire retention at 12 months. We’re so confident in our methods, we’ll back each placement with a 12-month post hire risk reversal policy. If the candidate you hire leaves within their first 12 months of employment, we’ll replace them free of charge. By giving you a selection of world-class business solutions, you can be rest assured that partnering with us, you will always be well cared for.

Our team of industry-specialised, talent acquisition professionals, are highly trained McQuaig interpreters who will be there to guide you every step of the process.  


Our Psychometric testing partners.

Psychometric testing brings greater objectivity, and reliability, to selecting, managing, and developing employees. We use the McQuaig toolset widely, not only in our selection work, but also in our executive development, business improvement and cultural assessment services.

McQuaig provides the gold standard of psychometric testing in the workplace, and we have partnered with them. Our agreement allows us to test every candidate, which would normally be cost prohibitive.

Founded in 1966, McQuaig is a Canadian Psychometric Testing provider. Their user base extends to 1500+ companies, speaking 17 languages in over 30 countries. Their assessment tools measure key characteristics, such as values and beliefs, aptitude and ability, and employees’ performance as managers and team players. 

With them you can make more objective, reliable decisions about the people you hire, manage, and identify key development arears and plan accordingly. 

psychometric testing


There is more to selection than psychometric testing (of course), but it gives you objective information to support your hiring proposals.

It also gets you buy-in from hiring managers, who will have been involved in benchmarking the tests during the McQuaig consultation process. 

This can be an enlightening process. Have the leaders in your business ever had conversations about what values and behaviours lead to success. They will certainly be discovery by the end of the process. You will see, graphically, where majority opinion aligns or where points require further discussion. 


Your talent acquisition solutions


Our award-winning service ensures streamlining of assignments, reduces commercial downtime and powers our post placement guarantees, unrivalled in the sector. 

Pre Hire

The key to our approach lies in discovery, a process that unveils the intricate threads of your challenges. Holistic in nature, we explore every facet, asking why vacancies exist, what fuels tomorrow’s people problems, and how each piece of the puzzle fits. Collaboratively, we illuminate the path forward, using our diagnostic consultancy prowess to pinpoint root causes and opportunities.

On Hire

Our highly skilled team becomes an extension of yours, employing a vast service stack tailored to your specific needs. Pioneering your people problems of tomorrow is not just a slogan – it’s our commitment. With an agnostic and client-driven approach, we blend technology and experience to unlock your organisation’s potential.  

Post Hire

Our partnership transcends conventional consulting – we stand by your side, translating insights, data and perspectives into actionable strategies. Together, we design a roadmap that bridges the present and the future, a roadmap where every milestone contributes to a thriving culture, exceptional performance, remarkable talent, enduring retention, and comprehensive training.

Transform your challenges into opportunities. Click here to make contact and schedule an initial discovery call with one of our experts – your journey starts now. 



A partner, not just a consultancy

We bring you real solutions with highly driven actions, from assessing your existing team, your newest candidate and even yourself, to recruiting top-level talent culturally aligned to your business. Setting you up for success at the start of your hiring process. We provide performance coaching and training to follow through on those long-term business goals. 


Data, not a biased opinion

By using our award-winning software, Mercury Hampton IQ, we can guarantee that 96% of hires will still be in post on their one-year anniversary. With 94% still in post after two years.  


Experts, not KPI driven

We deliver incredible results because our team is infused with highly qualified, trained but also culturally aligned individuals who go above and beyond. We all appreciate being recognised and treated with respect. The same way we will treat you, your business, and your team. 

Whatever you need to ensure your businesses success, through hiring the right people for the job, we have you covered. It is more important than ever to choose your talent acquisition partner wisely.  


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