360 Leadership Review

The MHIQ® 360° Leadership Review asks peers, managers, and direct reports to review their leader, not score them.

The comprehensive, streamlined assessment takes just 12 minutes to complete, so busy participants can share their opinions in an efficient way. The resulting report highlights what your leader is doing well, balanced with feedback on how they could improve with further development.


Change has a strange effect on people and when a company or business undergoes substantial changes, or plans to, it can cause a huge amount of turmoil in adapting your employees and team to those changes.

Culture influences performance at every level of a company. If you are experiencing a large number of employee resignations or teams performing lower than the usual standards, chances are, you would benefit from performing a cultural assessment.

A cultural assessment investigates, and identifies the existing culture of your company. It gives you a clear picture of what needs changing and what you are doing right from a cultural perceptive. They are used to determine human behaviours of your teams and what is governing performance.

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