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Recruitment is behind the times and hopelessly outdated.

That might not be what you were expecting to hear from a recruitment firm, but it’s completely true. Other than emailing CVs rather than faxing them, very little has changed in the way recruitment works in the past 40-years.

Mercury Hampton was founded on the principle of bringing recruitment and search & selection into the 21st-century by digitising the process, and to try and improve the (deservedly) bad reputation the recruitment industry has. To really thrive in this globally interconnected, 24/7 environment, we believe that you need a recruitment platform to match. That’s why we developed Mercury Hampton IQ. (See below for further details)

Some of the areas that we specialise in include:

  • Sales Recruitment
  • Technology Recruitment
  • Manufacturing Recruitment
  • Marketing Recruitment
  • IT Recruitment
  • Operations Recruitment
  • Engineering Recruitment
  • Design Recruitment
  • Customer Services Recruitment
  • Construction Recruitment
  • Quality Recruitment
  • Project Recruitment

Mercury Hampton IQ is our award-winning cloud-based recruitment tool, which bolsters the traditional CV with proactive headhunting, advertised selection, database searches, psychometric profiling, video assessment, competency questioning, and behavioural reporting. It’s available 24/7/365 anywhere in the world, everyone on your hiring team will have access to it and has five language options. You can even tailor it to your company livery.

This search and selection process is easily replicated for any industry, sector, and country, and we have headhunted and placed thousands of outstanding candidates in countries all over the globe.

Mercury Hampton IQ has been so successful, in fact, that we can confidently offer up to 12-months guarantee – if someone we recommend doesn’t make it to their first-year anniversary, we’ll find a replacement for FREE.

Now isn’t all that better than a faxed-over CV?

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